We use different types of electric appliances in our daily life. These appliances help us in the easy and quick execution of tasks. This makes our life convenient. In this article, we are going to tell you a few common electric appliances used on a daily basis.


A dishwasher is a useful appliance that helps people to wash dishes without any effort. It relieves them from the tiring task of manual cleaning every single dish by hand. This device is useful for busy lifestyle as it doesn’t require much time and effort. By pressing a few buttons, you can easily clean your dishes.

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Washing Machine

Washing machine is another useful machine that helps people in washing clothes. It saves a lot of time and effort. Owning a washing machine has become a necessity nowadays. This machine comes in different capacities depending on the load. This machine is available in two types, semi-automatic washing machine and fully automatic washing machine.

Where the former model only washes the clothes but does not dry them, a fully automatic washing machine washes as well as dries clothes. The later one is a little costlier but is the perfect option for modern compact houses where there is no adequate space to dry clothes.

Also, for working ladies, fully automatic washing machines save their time and effort. When buying a washing machine, choose the reputed brand that provides 5-star rating.


Gone are the days when people used to dry clothes manually on the clothesline. A dryer is an important home appliance for people who either have semi-automatic washing machine or no washing machine at all.

This home appliance helps the household to dry clothes in a timely manner. It can help with drying clothes fast and is safe to use. This appliance is not expensive. You will get many effective and affordable options of dryer on the market. This electric model comes in various different features.


Microwaves have become an essential part of daily routines. With this device, you can warm up your large quantities of food at any point in time. One can even cook several types of dishes in it.

The only thing you need to note is the type of utensil you keep in it. The utensil you use should be proper for the use in microwave otherwise there are chances that it can get damaged. Microwaves are designed to be compact that makes them ideal for those who live in apartments.


These are some of the common types of electric appliances that make our life simpler.