Arizona can be hot in summers, and most homeowners often spend huge amounts on HVAC systems for keeping their home cooled. What also needs attention is the garage. While the garage is often not used as extensively as other parts of the house, you could use the extra space, and in this post, we are sharing a few tips on how to cool a garage in Arizona like a pro.

  • Spend on insulation. There are many ways to insulate the garage, and that’s the great way to bring down the temperatures. This is even more important if you have an expensive car.
  • Plant a big tree. If you have the space, consider having a tree around the garage, and you will be surprised how cool the garage would feel on a hot summer day. Some trees just have more shade, so choose one wisely.

  • Rethink the garage door. While there is no denying that changing the garage door could be an expensive affair, you should definitely consider upgrading that, because it could ensure that the cooling system works as efficiently as possible.
  • Including a separate air conditioner. If you have a centralized air conditioning unit, we would still suggest that you get a separate AC for the garage, because that kind of comes in handy for controlling the temperature in peak summers.
  • Add some ventilation. Most garages often don’t have windows or special ventilation vents, and that can trap the heat inside on hot days, so make sure to have a window, even if it’s a small one.

Things to know

If you have a small garage, you don’t need a huge air conditioner for it, so do your homework before you choose one. Also, don’t shy away from hiring the best installation and AC repair service in business, because their experts can guide you on how to make the most of your investment. Sometimes, you can just tweak your existing air conditioning unit’s duct system and keep a garage a tad cooler than usual. Try and avoid direct sunlight on the garage, which is why planting a tree is a good idea. Ahead of the summers, get the air conditioners serviced and make sure that you are not delaying repairs.

With a little more attention and some initial investment, the garage can feel a lot cooler even when the sun doesn’t show some mercy.